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Another Intro

Okay, I'm still working out details, so for now just a quick intro.

Miss Adele Philomena Dawes Hardesty

Miss Hardesty, or Philomena as she prefers, currently works as an amanuensis and ghostwriter for her father as his health is failing. Her father, Benjamin Frederick Hardesty, has received great academic acclaim over the years for his research and advancements in science and medicine. After her mother's death as a small child, however, her father started researching the paranormal and occult world, hoping to make contact with his wife again, and has written many books on the subjects, both fictional and non, under several pennames. Philomena has taken over the fictional writing completely, and continues her father's well read serializations, to his great satisfaction.

(A short note about carawen: I come into this from a theatrical and period background, so anything I make will be more historically accurate than not. At the most I could possibly be considered neo-victorian, with only slight steamy influences. Hope that won't be a problem.)


My dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I have recieved word that you do NOT need to travel to the insipid evilness that myspace encompasses to partake in the previously mentioned events to come. For the Clockwork Ball, you simply pay the cover fee of the establishment. For the Eccentrik Festival, you may either purchase tickets at the website, or purchase them at the door.

Regina Black - Mad Scientist Extraordinare

Hey All! I feel like participating even though I'm Waaaaaay over here on the west coast in California. If anything I figured I can be your Western Liason.

My real name is Cindy and I'm lurking about in So Cal enjoying the good Sunshine
Character wise...

Name: Regina "Reggie" Black.
Occupation: British Mad Scientist and Gadgeteer.
Favorite Things: Traveling,Goggles, Ghost Rock, Steam powered Chainsaws, Working with things that whirl and Ping.
Origin: Orignally of British Aristocratic decent. Re-located to the Wild "Weird" West to work with the local calvery and rangers with supernatural research. Currently working with a small band of "yanks" in California on a small "undead" problem.


I don't do short intros... ^_~

Hey all! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Andrea (elisa_maza if you're on DoA). ^_^ For your viewing pleasure, I shall introduce my shiny new character to you... coming at you live on September 27th! ^_~


Allie Charity Clairmont


Age: 25

Profession: Astronomer



Chiming in!

Gemologist extraordinare!
Prof. Augen P. Hypersthene

Here for all your metallurgy, crystallography and mineralogy questions.

Specialist in using attuning crystal and magnetitic lodestone investigative techniques in detecting anomolies of the here-after. Also versed in the use of divining rods for the patterning of sensitive energy of the ectoplasmic and existential realms.

Pleased to be of service!


So, it has come to me through the mystic tarot that my compatriots are in dire straights trying to come up with a nomer for their new personas. Let me suggest a few sites that perhaps may inspire a new nom de plume.


and a surname perhaps?

if you cannot chose just one name, keep in mind it was common in the era to have not just one, but several middle names.

Best of Luck!


Salutations and Welcome...

Thank you for making your way to the mysterious world of SACRED.

I am your hostess for the evening, Lady Faeyth Trillium. Quite soon, I shall be bringing to your attention many places where you may expand your knowledge of all things steampunk and perhaps even find that little something that has eluded you to present.

I shall also be presenting upcoming events that I think would be of interest to my fellow members. In that particular vein, there are two events that are looming on the horizon that I think would provide ample amusement. For your perusal then: The Clockwork Ball which will be held on the 27th of September and the Eccentrik Festival which stretches from the 23rd of October through the 26th.  Both are taking place in Chapel Hill. If you wander the web on over to myspace and friend them, you will receive invitations to the events.

Alright then, please feel free to introduce yourself (in character or not), share finds of a steampunk nature, create us some interesting icons for the community, whatever your little clockwork heart desires.

And again, welcome to SACRED!